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A tool to manage sprite sheets and color palettes.


  • Create quads straight on your spritesheet -- no need to ever type out coordinates again
  • Keep your quads neatly organized by giving them descriptive names and grouping them
  • Use the wand tool to create quads from opaque areas automatically
  • Use the palette tool to create quads from areas that have the same color
  • Save quads as a simple lua table, or export them to formats like JSON or XML
  • Enable Turbo-Workflow to reload the spritesheet whenever it changes on disk, and to re-export the quads whenever you change them

If you're using LÖVE:

  • Save your quads as a lua table, and turn them into LÖVE Quad objects with just a few lines of code:
      local libquadtastic = require("libquadtastic")
      local image = love.graphics.newImage("res/sprites.png")
      local raw_quads = require("res/quads")
      local quads = libquadtastic.import_quads(raw_quads,
  • You can then draw these quads like so:
      love.graphics.draw(image, quads.head, 2, 0)
      love.graphics.draw(image, quads.legs, 2, 47)
      love.graphics.draw(image, quads.torso, 0, 15)

Credits and tools used

  • LÖVE
  • The m5x7 and m3x6 fonts by Daniel Linssen
  • aseprite by David Kapello. Oh, also, the pixelated Quadtastic UI is my lousy attempt to create something similar to the gorgeous UI in aseprite.
  • luafilesystem
  • lovedebug by kalle2990, maintained by Ranguna
  • Nuklear for guidance on how to write IMGUI
  • affine by Minh Ngo, for reverse transformation
  • xform by pgimeno, for practical ideas related to reverse transformation


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Quadtastic for Windows Version 0.6.4 2 MB
Quadtastic for OSX Version 0.6.4 11 MB
Cross-platform .love archive (requires LuaFileSystem) Version 0.6.4 423 kB
libquadtastic.lua Version 0.6.4 3 kB

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